Time and Space Condos Quang Lam TV

Published on June 12, 2017

Time and Space Condos Quang Lam TV
Time and Space Condos is a new condo development by the award winning Pemberton Group located at 177 Front St East and Lower Sherbourne in Toronto, in the St. Lawrence neighborhood.
Time and Space Condos will be built in 2 phases: The first phase will include two 29 storey towers connected by a 10 storey podium.

In the second phase, interconnected 11-19 storey terraced mid-rise condominiums will be added on to the first 2 towers, the driveway for the building will go directly under the 2nd phase towers with a 4 storey underpass in the centre of the property, creating a modern and inviting entrance to your new home. Suites on the ground floor of 2nd phase will be accessible from the street level.
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